Made with 100% unprocessed feelings*

*uh, I mean ingredients

Why did you make this?

I just love to eat, okay?

Heyo! I’m Sydney, an independent digital designer by day and self proclaimed (eh hem, not certified) chef by night. Known for my ridiculously high standards and creating plant-based alternatives my family didn’t ask for, I started WTFork to index my experiments with food. Long story short, cooking is how I creatively express myself after hours. Most of the time though, it’s just me who gets to experience what I make. So I combined my years of UI experience to create something I can share with others.

Pretty neat, eh? (I’d like to think so.)

But what is it?

No boring food!

If you’re still here, you should know that the recipes here are mostly health-centric and plant-forward. I’m not vegan, vegetarian or even gluten free, but many of my recipes are! If that’s confusing for you, I understand. All in all, I’m just a girl trying to be healthy and sustainable but can’t eat food that makes me feel sad or bored. So I make food that makes me happy and hopefully helps me live a long ass time.

If you still don’t get it, just go take a look at some of the recipes. If it looks good, try it! If not, welp, I’m not for everyone.

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